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Member Sign Up

  • New members must be personally invited to guest at two group meetings by an existing TAC member
  •  The guest then needs to attend two Triads ( a small group meeting of 3-4 to get to know each other and understand their respective professions), prior to being eligible for membership in a group.
  • New members must meet certain criteria for membership. They include:
  1. Being Senior level in their specific professional discipline
  2. Highly respected professionals who demonstrate high character in their everyday lives
  3. Carry a humble servant, give first mentality
  4. Possess an existing strong professional network
  5. Be interested in developing deep meaningful relationships with members of their home group
  6. Value the resources of their professional group in serving their clients, network, and other’s
  • Only one specific professional discipline is exclusive within a member group to provide each member with clarity in referral opportunities
  • All members are expected to regularly attend monthly meetings and required to minimally make 9 of 12 meetings annually.
  • There is no selling allowed to existing members, unless asked by a member. Marketing to help other’s understand the value created by one’s service and the types of people best helped are highly encouraged
  • The Trusted Advisors Council members each personally places high value on the development of significant healthy professional relationships as opposed to transaction oriented referral networking

Member Signup


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